Bioremediation for Fire Affected Sonoma County

West Marin Compost is constructing free wattles (for fire relief), which have been inoculated with mycelium to provide bioremediation for the fire affected lands in Sonoma County.  The wattles, long 8″ diameter socks that are filled with straw, compost and mulch, will be placed in areas where the risk of run-off of water contaminated with oil, gas, pesticides, leaded paints, chemicals, etc. is a risk to the environment, particularly our water resources.

The Lafranchi Family have donated all of the straw bales from the Nicasio Pumpkin Patch.  Chip StrawGourmet Mushroom, Inc. is providing the fungi.  Clean River Alliance transports the fungi substrate to our facility. Many volunteers are chipping in providing labor to put the whole package together with West Marin Compost providing compost, mulch, wattle socks, equipment, labor, coordination and transportation.

Volunteering is on hold.  Stay tuned


How does it work?  The wattles will provide erosion control by slowing down the water, allowing sediment to settle out and reducing the energy of the water.  Compost in the wattles has the ability to immobilize heavy metals, thereby removing them from the environment.  The microbes in the wattles see hydrocarbons (gas, oil, many pesticides) as a food source and will break them down.  The added fungi are vey good in filtering out heavy metals, chemicals and hydrocarbons.  We are building bioreactors, where nature can do its work to clean up.

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