Grant will reduce methane emissions by 80%, while making a better compost

West Marin Compost is very pleased to announce that a proposal they wrote on behalf of the Lafranchi Dairy was awarded a $744,000.00 grant to convert the dairy from a wet flush manure collection system to a dry scrape system.  Under the current system, water flushes manure out of the barns.  The slurry enters a manure separator and the liquid runs into a manure pond. This liquid is like a manure tea, rich in nutrients and carbon.  As a result, as the manure tea sits in the pond, methane is produced.  The dry scrape system will eliminate the flushing.  The nutrients will remain in the manure and very little manure water will enter the pond.  What does enter the pond can be used to bring the compost to optimum moisture levels.  The now more nutrient rich manure will enhance the compost produced.  This is a win-win-win scenario for the dairy, the compost operation and the environment.


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